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  1.  Media Relations:  We are connected to a network of top line multimedia journalists who respond to our messages with great interest.  Our interaction with the news media has a strategic purpose central to the goals and objective of our clients.  We invite them to know as much about our clients as they need to write their stories.

  2. Media and Press Tours:  We begin with a theme and a destination, inviting qualified media to join us for a well-rounded, informative, educational and fun trip.  Our success occurs when the travel journalist becomes as enthusiastic about our story as we are…and their stories come to life. 

  3. e-Marketing:  Digital Circulation and E-Blasts with targeted, direct email marketing via JDH’s opt-in subscriber database of over 10 million contacts.   JDH will set up integration with company website, Facebook fan pages,  blogs, and email marketing campaigns.  Our email database includes:
      • 3.3 Million Golfer Emails
      • 6.5 Million Traveler Emails
      • 50,000 Event Planner Emails
      • 83,000 Travel Agent Emails
      • Thousands of Golf Course Emails
      • 6000 companies
      • 3500 media contacts

    We have the contacts to get you recognized.

  4. Press Kits:  We will announce your company to the media by putting together a strong press kit that includes relevant information in a professional package.  Our press kits will include key information about your business and product in a convenient, cohesive marketing package with the goal of attracting further attention.

  5. Press Releases:  Each business depends on the words they use.  Our effective public relations skills will bring your business to life and put your personality into words.  We write the most powerful and creative communications with consistency.  Our extensive database of media contacts and potential clients will be at your fingertips. 

  6. Social Media:  FaceBook.  Twitter.  YouTube.  Flickr.   Linkedln.  Using the channels that are right for your business, we harness the power of social Web to build your brand, help you reach your goals, and extend the reach and impact of your message.  We build and launch blogs, create email marketing campaigns, manage design and distribution, and leverage the power of social networks.  Bookmarking, wikis, and more are part of an integrated and effective communications approach.  The social media channels and interactive tactics available today help you further your public relations, drive website traffic, maximize your media relations program and engage directly with your target audiences.    

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