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The Leader in E-marketing to Golfers  and Travelers

The JDH Group's™ strategic solutions offer several features that set the company apart from other media and marketing companies. JDH Group™, with more than 75 years of experience in golf, travel, hospitality and event marketing, accompanied by solid partnerships with  some of golf’s leading websites and media outlets, effectively enable's JDH Group™ the unique opportunity to offer businesses and travel destinations, maximum exposure – to millions of avid golfers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Products & Services:

  • Digital Circulation / E-Blasts:  Targeted, direct email marketing via JDH Group's™ opt-in subscriber database of avid golfers
    and travelers (see below), as well as availability of another 500,000 via our affiliates.

  • 3.3 Million Golfer Emails

  • 6.5 Million Traveler emails

  • 50,000 Event Planner Emails

  • 83,000 Travel Agent Emails

  • Thousands of Golf Course emails

  • Set-up & Integration with Company Website, FaceBook Fan-Pages, Blogs, and email Marketing Campaigns.

  • Ad-spaces available in The JDH Group’s Monthly Newsletter, Blogs, as well as directly our New homepage.

  •  2.4 Million Golfers are logging on to golf’s #1 Destination,™, the world’s leading social network for golfers.
    Contact your GolfLife sales rep, for exclusive access.

  • Golf Course & Travel Destination Marketing, on our partner-sites™,™,™, & GolfNet™.
    Over 400,000 members and over 1 million views a month

  • Additional Websites, Universal Golf, Resort Golf and Vacation Travel with over 1 million visitors a month!

  • Participation in The Reward Team Program, effectively putting your products in the hands of thousands of new potential customers.
Let us quote you a proposal. The JDH Group can offer you advertising.

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